Relationships are the best platform for growth

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I’m a Couples Therapist and am passionate about supporting couples to repair bonds and reignite their spark, finding that fulfilling relationship that we all desire and deserve. As human beings, we share an innate need for belonging and connection and I have been fascinated by this dynamic from a very young age. It can be complex how this plays out within our romantic relationships and it is an honour to go on a journey with couples to navigate their relational dance and help to alter entrenched patterns.  

My Services

Couples come to therapy for so many reasons. This could be how your communication and conflict is hurting you both or it could be working through infidelity and other forms of betrayal. Couples also may want some support surrounding big adjustments such as marriage or parenthood. Together we will explore where you are getting stuck and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the other. Relationships are the best platform for growth. Couples therapy is a collaborative process to transform the dynamic in your relationship. 

Preventative  |  Pre-Marital  |  Conflict  |  Infidelity

Separation  |  Divorce  |  Communication  |  Intimacy

I am available to work with all issues relating to romantic and non-romantic relationships, as well as with individuals who struggle with problems such as anxiety, trauma, life dissatisfaction, relational problems, work or career dissatisfaction, and unhealthy lifestyles. 


Thank you Amanda for the kindness and patience you have shown in your work. We came to Amanda feeling like we were stuck, helpless, and no way moving forward. Amanda gave us the opportunity to reconnect, to see each other on a deeper level and sit with our own truths.

Through curiosity and understanding therapy with Amanda made us rediscover our connection as a couple but also helped us understand our own conflict cycles and how they turn up in our relationship. We are now engaged and use what we learnt with Amanda every day in our relationship! Thank you Amanda. 

Jess & Jovi

Amanda assisted my partner and I to recognise the strengths in our relationship, as well as patterns built over time which had become detrimental. Her approachable manner, and ability to listen and respond with empathy and compassion, helped my partner and I to understand each other in a way we hadn’t before. We are most grateful for her expertise and care.
Both of us have seen therapists over the years and nothing like this has ever occurred. This approach with Amanda was intense, time well spent, emotionally draining, and cathartic. Amanda has given us to tools to breakdown our past behaviours to build a relationship of love, trust and true partnership.
There is no book on this but practice learning how to not trigger behaviours that hurt. I am thankful that we found her since our relationship was flatlining. It’s still very much a work in progress but I love him and  we needed to refocus on how we talk, treat and communicate with each other! Amanda is giving us the skillset to be able to do this in a safe and healthy way.

My Approach

I work holistically, from a systemic and attachment perspective. I am strongly client focused, have deep empathy and positive regard for every human being I work with. I work collaboratively with clients to promote understanding, growth and resilience and to achieve this I draw on a variety of therapeutic approaches, including Emotionally Focused Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. 

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Amanda Hallam Couples Counsellor media feature WHO magazine
Amanda Hallam Couples Counsellor media feature WHO magazine

My Training

Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
PostGraduate Diploma in Relationship and Family Therapy
Extensive Training through ACEFT (Australian Centre for Emotionally Focused Therapists)
Trauma Treatment Training – Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk
Advanced Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Training – Russ Harris ACTMindfully
Solution Focused Therapy – Brief Therapy Institute Sydney

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